Cadillac-LaSalle Club Museum and Research Center

The Cadillac-Lasalle Club Museum and Research Center was founded in 1995 to preserve the legacy of America’s most successful luxury automobile. Since 2010, the center has displayed its fine collection of automobiles at the Gilmore Car Museum. in September 2013, the center broke ground on the Cadillac-Lasalle Club Museum, which will be a re-creation of a late 1940s Cadillac dealership. The Museum will serve as the permanent home of the 7,000 member organization’s collection of automobiles, display engines, and artifacts. The collection spans the history of Cadillac and its companion brand, Lasalle. Cadillac introduced its first model at the New York Auto Show in 1903 and built the Lasalle from 1927 through 1940. The collection’s donated automobiles include: - 1931 Cadillac Sedan - 1937 LaSalle Convertible Sedan - 1941 Cadillac 60 Special (the design triumph of GM stylist Bill Mitchell) - 1948 Cadillac 60 Special (the first Cadillac with tail fins) - The 1957 Cadillac Brougham used in the film “Driving Miss Daisy”

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