Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge

  • World's longest pedestrian suspension bridge
  • Spans 1,621 feet (494 meters)

The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge is the longest hanging bridge for pedestrian use in the world. It is located in Randa, Switzerland and replaced the defunct Europabrücke [de], which had been damaged by a rock slide. The bridge spans 494 meters (1621 feet), and upon its inauguration in July 2017 became the longest suspension bridge built for pedestrian travel. The bridge runs 85 metres (279 feet) above the ground at its highest point. It employs 8 tonnes (7.9 long tons; 8.8 short tons) of cables, and has a system that prevents it from swinging. The bridge is part of Europaweg, a hiking path between the Swiss villages of Zermatt and Grächen.


Randa Train Station - The path is clearly marked from Randa train station.  Worth the hard work hiking up for 2 hours.  If you go in summer, make sure you bring water and snacks as there is no supplies on the way


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