Genbi Shinkansen Bullet Train

Where: Japan

The Genbi Shinkansen Bullet Train is a 13 car High-Speed art museum. It’s exterior is a unique stylish black paint job decorated with fireworks photos taken at an annual Nagaoka Fireworks Festival in Niigata Prefecture.  

It has art galleries that have a variety of styles. It also has a dining cafe and kid’s play area with model trains.  

The only drawback is that it only runs in between Niigata and Echigo Yuzawa Stations, both are in Niigata Prefecture, and the trip is only about 40 minutes. This Fall it will also run to and from Tokyo for two days, Oct 5 and 6, which will take around two hours. It will leave Niigata at 6:17AM and arrive in Tokyo at 8:20, then it will make a U turn at 8:32 for a 10:30 arrival back in Niigata.

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